Our roots began in the living room of Gloria Gimble’s Saint Paul, Minnesota home. Gloria appreciates fine jewelry and has a talent for selecting elegant pieces. She began sharing this talent with her friends by hosting parties in her home – where her friends purchased from the jewelry she had chosen. While supporting and caring for her family, Gloria gained a reputation for offering fine jewelry at exceptional prices.

As Gloria considered opening a jewelry store, her son Todd completed the G.I.A. (Gemology Institute of America) Graduate Gemologist Program in Santa Monica,
California. Todd returned to Minnesota as a “rock star”! (The Institute refers to him
as a Graduate Gemologist – G.G.).

Although Todd and Gloria had not anticipated entering business together when he began the gemologist program, upon his return to Minnesota, they chose to transform Gold’n Treasures into a family business. This decision united Gloria’s business experience with Todd’s academic training and they opened a jewelry store with the same warm and inviting atmosphere that Gloria’s home had provided for so many years. Gloria has been fortunate to retire from the business that Todd now guides.

We remain committed to the values that made our business successful. This means that we create a fun atmosphere where people who appreciate fine jewelry are able to find exceptional values. We are here to help you select high-quality jewelry that you’ll be proud to gift or wear.

This is what we do.

It would be our honor, to have you stop by our store or call us for help or information. We want to take the anxiety out of buying jewelry and replace it with a fun, educational and exciting experience for you or a loved one.

Come by the store with any pictures or ideas and we will help you put together the perfect piece of jewelry. No appointment is required.  

We’ve been admiring, learning about and offering jewelry for sale for many years.

Understanding the elements of genuinely high quality, fine piece jewelry is about knowledge but also about artistry. You’ll discover that we are anxious to share what we’ve learned with you and to make you feel very comfortable.

Beyond our desire to help you find the right piece of jewelry or to create a custom piece, our reputation in part, depends on the skill and discretion we use in selecting the pieces of jewelry that we offer for sale. In helping you gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to make an enjoyable and lasting purchase, we invite you to look at our jewelry under the microscope. This allows us to teach you, in a way that makes you better prepared and more satisfied once you make a buying decision.