Do you offer custom design work?

We would love to help you create a piece of custom jewelry – tailored precisely to your style. You can work directly with our goldsmith and create a piece of jewelry that is unique and special to you.

Most of our custom creations start as a few lines on paper, then move through a computer-aided design (CAD) process that renders the jewelry realistically, allowing us to work with you to create the perfect piece on-screen.

We then hand you an exact-sized wax model, which allows you to experience the jewelry before the final casting is done.

Call to schedule a meeting with our award-winning goldsmith and let’s see what we can help you create!

What will a custom design consultation cost?

There is NO COST for computer aided design work and consultation. After we get a general idea of the design we can give you an estimate. No payment is required until we start building your new piece of jewelry.

I can't make it in to the store. Can I call for a consultation?

Call or send us an email and we can start the process without you having to come in.

I’m on a budget, what options do I have?

We’ve got outstanding financing connections who guarantee great rates and terms.

How long does it take for my ring to be ready?

We can build your ring in as little as one week, but the typical project takes about four weeks. It is best to allow as much time as possible for design changes.

Already have gold or diamond(s) that you want to use?

No problem! We can set your diamond in an engagement ring we designed, or we can use your gold to create something you will want to wear every day.

I bought my jewelry elsewhere, can I still have it appraised?

Of course! Including documentation for insurance and resale.

I need a repair, can you help?

We have a goldsmith and watchmaker right onsite who can help with a variety of repairs and services. Each has been carefully selected for artistry, knowledge and sensitivity.

Are children welcome in the store?

We love smudges on our showcases. They add character.

Do you recycle gold?

Bring in your less desirable gold and we’ll convert it to cash!

Is Gold’n Treasures available for private events?

We have a charming, intimate room where you can share an evening with friends, enjoying the fantasy and fun of trying on all your favorite pieces of jewelry.